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3 weeks ago

Merry Christmas & Compliments of the Season to all our friends spinning vinyl. Enjoy the music 😀

1 month ago
Why That New Record Might Not Play On Your Turntable

A good article that highlights limitations of cheap record players sold in the market that are made in china

If you look at Discogs reviews, or Amazon reviews, or, even Vinyl Me, Please reviews of certain new record releases, you’ll sometimes find a common complaint: “This record doesn’t play right on ... See more

1 month ago
Furnace Pressing Plant Fires Up!


When AnalogPlanet visited Furnace Pressing in Alexandria Virginia (https://youtu.be/Dz2yfw5jsXw) it was an enormous, mostly empty building. The vinyl pressin...

1 month ago
If Kirmussaudio's Record Cleaning Ideas Are Correct Are Everyone Else's Wrong?


(Note: Mr. Kirmuss avers that the "vinyl residue" you see at the bottom of his tank is not due to damage done by his cavitation device, but rather is vinyl s...

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